Great Wedding Venues…The Towers Hotel

Having been a Bestman last week ( all went well, thanks for asking), and my best mate, who was the groom, sang the praises of the wedding venue, as you might have guessed – The Towers Hotel in Jersey Marine.

Stuart Fisher photography Wedding Towers Hotel May_0150

I’ve been shooting wedding since 2005 and we have visited The Towers on many occasions. It’s a brilliant venue with loads of opportunities for photos. Firstly, if the ceremony is being held there you have a very big function room upstairs that can accommodate over a hundred people comfortably, it’s really light and airy and the sun streams in thought the windows making it ideal for shots facing the bride and groom. The seating is always spot on and dressed impeccably. As usual when I first arrive at the venue I always pop upstairs to take some ‘before’ shots.

Stuart Fisher photography Wedding Towers Hotel May_0151

Then it’s back downstairs, firstly to one of The Towers really smart rooms where the Bride is getting ready. These rooms are great for photography, spacious, light and with a balcony. As there is always a form of good natured nervousness and pandemonium, it gives me the chance to take some great shots.

Stuart Fisher photography Wedding Towers Hotel May_0152

Back downstairs after covering the initial shots of the bride – to greet the groom and his entourage as he arrives. The Tower itself is slap bang in the middle and serves as a great backdrop for loads of shots. The cars have plenty of room to pull up and at no time do you feel like your looking for somewhere to shoot, it’s all right there straight in front of you.

Stuart Fisher photography Wedding Towers Hotel May_0153

Then it’s back upstairs again ( tiring all this running around you know). There are long corridors which add nice lines to the shots as the bride leaves the room.  When she gets to the lift it’s down those stairs again to get her emerging from the hotel and taking the walk towards the ceremony room. This is a great time for shots of the bride and her bridesmaids walking and giggling nervously, always have good stuff there. Then without fail the Registrar comes down to have a quick chat with the bride while I race up to the ceremony room to get the big event as it unfolds.

Stuart Fisher photography Wedding Towers Hotel May_0155

All done! Now we have a chance to get some formal shots. There’s a really well looked after patio and garden area, where guests can relax with drinks whilst being on hand for photos.  Another great feature of the Towers –  you can take a group shot from one of the top floor guest bedrooms. No matter the size of the Wedding Party you’re guaranteed to get everyone in. I must point out that the staff are fantastic – always really helpful, I never have to worry about not getting the shots I want from the balcony viewpoint – that is a great thing for me as a photographer.

Stuart Fisher photography Wedding Towers Hotel May_0156Stuart Fisher photography Wedding Towers Hotel May_0157

After the formalities are over, we go for a walk around the grounds using the many different photo opportunities available – high and low angle shots can be taken, lots of greenery for backgrounds and then finally into the fully dressed room so the Bride and Groom can admire how wonderful it looks  – and it always looks great,another testament to how quickly and efficiently the staff work in the time that they have.

Stuart Fisher photography Wedding Towers Hotel May_0158Stuart Fisher photography Wedding Towers Hotel May_0159

Then of course it’s the speeches and the First Dance! Great opportunity for reportage – the natural look

Stuart Fisher photography Wedding Towers Hotel May_0160Stuart Fisher photography Wedding Towers Hotel May_0162

So a brilliant venue, it has all the bases covered. Can’t wait to shoot the next one there ! If you liked what you’ve seen don’t forget to pop over to our Facebook page and give us a like! (links at the bottom and on the left). And if you’re getting married in The Towers, why look for a photographer anywhere else!



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