I've always loved creating images. From my early school days making videos, through University where I studied film and film making techniques which inspired my love for photography. I'm always learning more about this amazing art form and how it can be used to help capture people experiencing life. That's what really drives my love of photography - capturing that split second that shows who you are.

Aside from my love of photography the rest of my life is taken up by my two amazing kids, who I adore, and my long suffering partner Rachel! Oh yes I also forgot to mention the family dog, Pixel (don't ask) who continues to makes us all laugh (and occasionally shake our heads in despair). All this chaos is interspersed with family walks, holidays, trips to the cinema, reading, trampolining and general life learning!

And if you're a Bride and Groom about to embark on the big adventure just remember this - You're Wedding Day will be fantastic and you'll love every minute of it!!


I have an arts based background and really enjoying looking out for those images that stand out and maybe look that little bit different. Weddings are such big events these days that I think 2 photographers are a must. 

My life, though, is all about my Family and my photography. I love going on photographic walks with them all, through the beautiful valleys or Gower coast, and I'm always looking out for the next great shot idea.

We are Photographers based in Swansea, South Wales, Cardiff, Gower,Pembrokeshire, Carmarthen and Bridgend  but we are happy to travel to wherever our business takes us. You can contact us for any types of photography - Wedding, commercial, local business, portraits, family shots or location photography.